Workout while you Chillout with Couchercises

Why not mix up your chill out with a few mini workouts? Here’s a few exercises you can actually do on your couch!

The Plank

 The Plank - Couchercise
The Plank – Couchercise


Exercise: The plank Situation: On the couch Exercises: Core and upper arm


Strong core muscles helps your posture, strength, stability and general fitness level. The planks is a core muscle workout you can do from the couch at home and it will work your upper arms as well.


Lean on your lower arm while keeping your body elevated and fixed. It’s a static exercise and you should hold the position for as long as you can and repeat a couple of times. Don’t forget to switch side.


The Folding Knife

The Folding Knife - Couchercise
The Folding Knife – Couchercise

Exercise: The folding knife
Situation: On the couch
Exercises: Lewer abs and legs

The lower abs are easy to forget when working your six pack but they are at least as important as the four upper bulges of your core region.

Lean back and position yourself on the edge of the couch. Extend your legs and move them up and down. Don’t touch the floor with your feet. Repeat 20 or so times and do a couple of sets.

It’s a really easy workout but very effective. Do a few sets of these everyday and you will be seeing results in a snap.


Bum Stretch

Bum Stretch - Couchercise
Bum Stretch – Couchercise

Exercise: Bum stretch
Situation: In the sofa
Stretches: Gluteus (your buttocks)

Stretching your glutes (or bum if you will) will help relax your entire body and is something you should do as often as you can.

Rest your left ankle on your right knee and press the left knee away from you as you bend forward. You will feel the stretch on your left buttock.

You can also with your right hand grab on to you right leg and pull yourself towards the leg. Try not to arch your back too much as you do this. Switch sides!


Couch Dips

Couch Dips - Couchercise
Couch Dips – Couchercise

Exercise: Couch dips
Situation: In the sofa
Exercises: Upper arms

Find a commercial break and jump down from that comfy sofa you are chilling in and get your workout on. Couch dips are really easy to do and in just 60 seconds you will have done quite a few reps.

With your knuckles facing our grab hold of the edge of the couch. Do the dips as deep as you can without touching the floor. Repeat as many times as you can and preferably do a couple of sets before crawling back up in the couch again.


Leg Flexing


Leg Flexing - Couchercises
Leg Flexing – Couchercises

Exercise: Leg flexing
Situation: Watching TV
Exercises: Legs

If you find yourself laying down in the couch, why not seize the moment and work your thighs.

Flex your legs as many times as you can. Relax, and then do another couple of sets. As easy as it gets but quite effective.


Couch Bike

Couch Bike - Couchercises
Couch Bike – Couchercises

Couch Bike
Exercise: Couch Bike
Situation: Kicking back in the sofa
Exercises: Legs

A good little Nano Workout you can do when kicking back in the sofa at home. You can also try to do it on a smaller chair e.g. at the office.

Lean back and rest on your elbows. Cycle with your legs for as long as you can. Take a rest and do another set..or two. Your abs will also get to work a bit in this exercise.

There you go, a little exercise will keep you fit even on lazy Sunday afternoons. If you have any comments or maybe suggest some couchercises of your own, please comment below.

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